About Us

Hi, I’m Jonno Proudfoot, Founder and CEO of Real Meal Revolution and Revolution. I’ve been knee deep in food transformation for over a decade.

I’d like you to meet Shop.RealMealRevolution.com, my new online store. For 10 years people have been asking me what brands of products they should buy and I’ve been avoiding the question. This shop is the answer.

Good marketing of bad food has left us powerless with excess weight and chronic ill health, and my goal is unchanged – to enable you to take back your power.

This shop exists to blast your health and your life to heights you have never thought possible. Trust us to nourish your body, free your mind and enrich your life.

Be it mindset or nutrition, high performance, environmentally friendly or health focused, my purpose remains the same. I want you to be a high performing beast, and these products are designed to help you level-up.

To take back your power!

Welcome to the next level,

Jonno Proudfoot

Jonno Proudfoot, Founder of Real Meal Revolution